Pete Dunham

Pete Dunham is the deuteragonist in the first film. He supports West Ham and has a particular hatred towards Millwall and Tottenham and is the brother of Steve Dunham, therefore he is the brother in law to Shannon Dunham and uncle to Ben Dunham. He is the leader of the GSE (Green Street Elite), but ends up dying at the end of the first film, being beaten to death by Tommy Hatcher. Tommy got senescence to a high security prison while the gse was in jail with the millwall firm.


He is friends with everyone in the GSE, and his best is Bovver, but as the film goes on they become increasingly detached as Matt joins the GSE. He forms a strong friendship with Matt, but all the time says that he doesn't belong there, which Matt objects to.


Pete works as a teacher and teaches History and PE in a primary school. This is seen when Pete brings Matt to be a goalkeeper against 7 year-olds, which Matt strugels with

Best QuotesEdit

"Fuck me. If I knew we was going to a Bar Mitzvah, I'd have brought me fucking skull cap"

"Karate Kid, based on his exploits"

"Jeremy Van Holden? Sounds like a cunt. Mate, if that was me, I'd have kicked seven shades of shit out of him"

"Only two little words keep every Hammer in England up all night... 'United away' ".